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[1]The Republican Party Logo===Chairman=== George Cross

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Maleek Diaz

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Matthew Sorrells

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Matthew Sorrells

House LeaderEdit



August 25, 2016

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Fiscal Responsibility, Social Conservatism


Red, White

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Seats in the HouseEdit

0/9 The Republican Party of MEC is one of two major political parties in the community along with the Democrats.

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History EditEdit

During the beginning of the MEC elections, it had a commanding majority in voter registration, and won presidential elections relatively easily. Japheth Hilton, the first President, brought along a large group of Christian Conservative Republicans (called Hiltonites) which gave them a massive majority in the registration poll (about 75%). They continued this dominance well into the first four seasons of MEC.

When the first congressional elections came by, however, the Democrats had closed the gap. A series of scandals and a lackluster field of Republican candidates, especially in the Senate races, prompted massive losses to the Democrats, wherein they ended up with just 1 seat in the Senate and none in the House, along with losing the presidency by a massive margin.

However, during the second House of Representatives elections held in October, the party recouped its losses. It fielded qualified candidates who were able to attract independents and moderate Democrats who were alienated by the Democrat's internal dispute about president Kelvin Hawthorne and flipped sides, leading to massive gains for the Republicans, and giving them control of the House of Representatives (Nicasio, then the sole Libertarian House member, caucused with the GOP.)

In the November House Elections, the GOP retained control of the House. Tim Taft, a Libertarian, was elected in the newest district, D7, and caucused with the Republicans, and along with Nicasio, gave the Republicans a 5-2 majority.

In the December 2017 House elections, the House swung back to the Democrats with a 5-2 majority due to low Republican turnout. The GOP hadn't taken a majority in either chamber of Congress from then until the March 2018 Senate elections when they picked up several seats, taking a surprising 4-2 majority with the help of Libertarian Landen Shuey who caucused with them.

Afterwards the party didn't do very well, struggling to take a majority in either chamber of Congress or the Presidency. This lasted until June of 2018 when the GOP took the House and Presidency with Trey Cranfield being elected President along with securing a 5-2 majority in the House.

Merge With Liberal DemocratsEditEdit

GOP Chairman Mathew Sorrells announced on MEC News that the GOP would be merging with the Liberal Democrats in order to create a big tent party. While created to unite people it proved to be divisive as many Republicans opposed the merge such as Chris Miller and Rogue Thing. The New Republican Party never had any candidates run and eventually the party dissolved. Most Republicans who did join returned to the GOP.

Presidential CandidatesEditEdit

Season 1 EditEdit

Season 2 EditEdit

Season 3 EditEdit

  • Ethan Kelly (Nominee, winner)
  • Tim Taft (Defeated)
  • Note: Taft actually won the Republican Primary but due to voter fraud accounts by Ethan Kelly and Cruxana Opius, Taft was never declared the winner and consequently Ethan Kelly became the nominee.

Season 8 EditEdit

  • Caleb Caron (Nominee, defeated)
  • Thomas Tarter (Withdrew)
  • Caleb Andrew (Withdrew to run for house)
  • Christian Louthan (Withdrew)

Season 9 EditEdit

  • Caleb Caron (Defeated)
  • Thomas Tarter (Withdrew)
  • Rouge The Bat (Denied ballot access)
  • Fernando (Withdrew)
  • Adam Evans (Nominee, defeated)

Season 11 EditEdit

Season 12 EditEdit

Season 13 EditEdit

Season 14 EditEdit

Season 15 EditEdit

Season 16 EditEdit

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